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Working Principles and Applications of Folder Gluer Machine

Folder gluer machine, according to its functions, can be divided into straight folder gluer machine, bottom folder gluer machine, etc. Generally, the ordinary folder gluer machine does not have a bottom gluing function or even a pre-folding function. A better one has a pre-folding function. Of course, most of the folder gluer machines nowadays have pre-folding. To make a bottom-glued box, a bottom-folder gluer machine must be used. A better folder gluer machine can also produce hexagonal and irregular boxes, but it needs to be equipped with a spray glue system and other devices.

Working principle of the folder gluer machine

The working principle of the automatic folder gluer machine is that after the power is turned on, the whole conveyor belt starts to move. The semi-finished cardboard box that has been die-cut is placed in the feeding position of the folder gluer machine. The conveyor belt automatically feeds the single box piece into the middle belt according to the set feed detection based on the stopper head frame. When the semi-finished cardboard box is treated with surface processing such as lamination or polishing, the box can be glued on the inner edge by the glue gun at the same time. The conveyor belt transports the paper box to the back end gluing part for pressing and packaging.

Analysis of the application of the folder gluer machine

In the packaging and printing industry, the folder gluer machine is one of the important post-press processing equipment. Currently, with the rapid development of the national packaging and printing industry, the application of the folder gluer machine is becoming more and more widespread. The packaging boxes of food, medicine, health products, cosmetics, wine, and light industrial products are basically processed by the folder gluer machine. However, for a long time, the industry's attention to the folder gluer machine is far less than that of pre-press and printing equipment, and the understanding of the folder gluer machine is far from enough, and there are still some misunderstandings when many packaging and printing companies purchase the folder gluer machine.

Solution to the problem of opening glue when gluing with an automatic folder gluer machine

When gluing an box, it is necessary to fully consider the moment when the glue is open in order to adjust the speed of the folder gluer machine. It is necessary to ensure that the two bonding surfaces of the corrugated box are firmly bonded together within the moment of the glue opening. The manufacturer of the fully automatic folder gluer machine tells you that if the time of opening the glue is exceeded and the two bonding surfaces of the corrugated box are moved away, the original bonding surface will be damaged; it needs to be re-brushed with glue to bond it again, otherwise, the phenomenon of opening or false bonding will occur. In addition, it is necessary to determine the length of the fixed press time of the corrugated box after gluing, based on the opening time and curing time of the glue.

Before printing on the color box, for the bonding part of the corrugated box that cannot be polished or plasma-treated, it is necessary to consider leaving the printing ink and surface treatment layer (such as light oil) blank on this part. When making the die-cutting plate, dotted or flower knives for die-cutting should be added to the corresponding position. This is conducive to soaking of glue and bonding of the two bonding surfaces of the corrugated box to make them solid without opening, thereby ensuring a stable bonding effect. After the operation of the folder gluer machine is completed, the storage time of the glued product should be determined based on the time for the glue to cure completely. The freshly glued corrugated box product is best placed in the gluing workshop before the glue is completely cured. It should not be transferred to a place with a temperature that is too high or too low, to avoid the glue that has not completely cured from melting at high temperatures or freezing at low temperatures, causing the corrugated box to open. The function of the glue before it is completely cured is difficult to control, and the parameters of the glue should be controlled through the inspection of its viscosity, solid content, pH value, shelf life, etc.