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Advantages and Types of Paper Bag Machine

1. Types of paper bag machines

At present, there are many types of paper bag forming machines on the market. According to the stitches, there are two types of single-thread chain and double-thread chain; according to the number of machine needles, there are two types of single-needle and double-needle; according to usage, there are desktop, Portable and vertical three. Among these various types, portable ones have the obvious advantages of flexibility and simplicity, but due to the need for workers to work by hand, the labor intensity of workers is greatly increased, resulting in low productivity, and because this type of machinery uses a single line, Therefore, the strength of the bag after sewing is lower. If there are short threads and poor stitching, the bag mouth will split. The vertical type is used in conjunction with the conveyor to form an assembly line operation.

There are many types of paper bag machines and they are widely used. In the future manufacturing industry, it is believed that it will have more room for development and will become an indispensable device in various manufacturing industries.

2. Advantages of paper bag machine

Paper bag machine is the machine equipment used to produce paper bags. Yasen paper bag machine can be used to produce portable paper bags, square bottom paper bags, boutique paper bags, shopping paper bags, etc. So, what are the advantages of paper bag forming machine?

(1) Mass production. We all know that the steps and speed of making paper bags manually are very slow, and they can only be made one by one, and the other is done after one is completed. However, the method of making paper bags by the paper bag machine is not the case. The paper bag machine adopts the method of making paper bags in batches, and each step can be completed in batches, which ensures both efficiency and quality. Therefore, the paper bag machine equipment is very popular. 

(2) Automated production. The effect of paper bag machine and manual paper bag is completely different. Manual production is very slow and inefficient. The paper bag machine is completely different. They are an automated machine that can directly produce paper bags. Of course, this needs to set the corresponding parameters, so in the paper bag manufacturers, the paper bag machine is essential.

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