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Automatic Die Cutting Machine Technology Leads the Future Development of Packaging and Printing Industry

Die cutting machine plays a very important role in the adhesive label printing industry. For label printing companies, die cutting machines are just as important as printing equipment and play a crucial role in the quality of the final product. Traditional die cutting equipment includes intermittent flatbed die cutting machines, rotary round die cutting machines, intermittent round die cutting machines, and several others. Intermittent flatbed die cutting machines are the most widely used and can be divided into oblique back-type flatbed and parallel-type flatbed according to their structures. They are characterized by their simple operation, low procurement and use costs, and are owned by almost all label printing companies.

Pressing paper method for automatic die cutting machine

Automatic die cutting machines use a certain pressure to roll paperboard into a certain shape, while the processed paperboard needs to be equipped with limiting devices during the conveying process to ensure the normal die cutting process. The automatic die cutting machine can adjust the position of the left and right claw blocks and gear plates. When the claw block moves upward, the cutting force makes the distance between the two large surfaces change by about 0.1mm for each tooth movement. Generally, only one tooth is moved each time.

Consider replacing the new eccentric gear sleeve and adjusting the claw block to the last tooth position on the gear plate. The automatic die cutting machine can also be adjusted by loosening the screws and removing the gear adjustment plate from the eccentric gear sleeve, and then using a gear wrench to turn the eccentric gear sleeve to the back of the machine. At this time, it should be noted that the number of teeth rotated on both sides is equal, and each rotation should not exceed three teeth.

Advantages of automatic die cutting machine technology

High quality and precision

With the development and progress of die cutting and laser technology, combining the two has obvious advantages. Automatic die cutting machines belong to fully automatic laser cutting, with no vibration deviation, high and stable accuracy. It does not require the production of knife molds, and the computer directly controls the laser to cut, and is not limited by the complexity of the graphics, and can cut the cutting needs that traditional knife molds cannot complete.

No need to change plates and high efficiency

As laser die cutting technology is directly controlled by the computer, there is no need to change knife templates. It can quickly switch between different types of work pieces, saving time for traditional die cutting mold replacement and adjustment, especially suitable for short plates and personalized die cutting processing. Automatic die cutting machines have non-contact characteristics, fast replacement of work pieces, short production cycles, and high production efficiency.

Simple to use and high safety

The cutting graphic design can be completed on the computer, and various graphic parameters are automatically generated based on the software. Therefore, automatic die cutting machines are easy to learn, and have low skill requirements for operators. The equipment has a high degree of automation, reduces the labor intensity of operators, and does not require direct operation of work pieces during cutting, which is safe.