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Growing Hot-selling Auto Die Cutting Machine

Automatic Die Cutting Machine meets the various requests of the printing and packing market.

This auto die cutting machine adopts numerous advanced pneumatic and servo-driving processing technology from abroad. After the strict assembly quality control, the automatic die machine has the advantage of simple operation and safe reliability.

Growing Automatic Die Cutter Types

Features of Growing Industrial Die Cutting Machine

Features of Growing Industrial Die Cutting Machine

The industrial fabric die cutting machine has four suction nozzles and four sending nozzles in the feeder, ensuring feed smoothly.

The paper die cutting machine could switch front rise position arriving reduction of speed device, it is the benefit of thin paper location.

12 heated temperature areas in the die-cutting platform, have a timing pneumatic temperature controller function, and each area can be controlled separately.

Thickening wall could be stress-tolerant about 1000 tons, the embossing is clearer, the effect is better.

The 12 independent heating areas are controlled by a PID system, which could adapt to the complex electrochemical aluminium transfer effect.

The delivery section adds tester into the security system. It is equipped with an inset counter. Using subsection could adjust brush and sheet air-blowing device.

The high-quality pneumatic clutch reduces noise and minimizes impact when stopping the machine at a high speed.

With a programmable lubrication system, the accurate control of PLC ensures balanced lubrication of the machine.

Air Pump adopts imported equipment, improves the stability of the machine, low noise, high performance, long service life.

The grippers are made of special extra hard aluminium alloy, with anode treatment on the surface, ensuring accurate die-cutting and embossing, etc. at high speed.

Function of Growing Corrugated Die Cutting Machine

  • Stable Operation, Simple Adjustment and Tidy Paper Receiving

    Adopt the paper receiving platform to receive the paper, the paper pile will automatically descend and when the paper is full, it will alarm and decelerate automatically. Compared with automatic paper cleaning devices, paper box die cutting machine can ensure stable operation, simple adjustment, and tidy paper receiving. Anti-paper back photoelectric detection switch can prevent the paper pile from too high and paper roll up in the paper receiving platform.

  • Stable in Paper Feeding

    The paper feeding transmission adopts the mechanical transmission of the main machine, which is stable in operation; the paper feeding efficiency is very high without stopping; the unique anti-scratch mechanism is adopted and the scratches of paper surface can be reduced effectively; the paper feeding is controlled by the servo motor, which is stable in paper feeding and precision in positioning.

  • High Quality in Key Parts

    The key parts of the automatic die cutter machine, such as the bottom platform, moving platform, upper platform, and wall panel are made of high-strength nodular cast iron, which is not easy to deform when working under high pressure. It is processed by a large imported five-sided machining center at one time, which can ensure the accuracy and durability of the components.

  • Stable Transmission

    The commercial digital die cutting machine adopts a precise worm and crankshaft connecting rod mechanism to make the transmission stable. All of them are made of high-grade alloy material. Large imported machine tools are used for confidential grinding and processing with stable operation, large die-cutting pressure, and high point pressure maintaining function.

  • Intelligent

    A high-resolution touch screen of this type of box die cutting machine is adopted for human-computer interaction; PLC program control and fault monitoring system cooperate with LCD screen, which is convenient for staff to monitor machine operation and solve problems in time.

  • Accuracy

    The tooth row body is made of a special super-hard aluminum alloy profile with an anodized surface, strong rigidity, lightweight and small inertia, which can complete accurate die-cutting and control in high-speed movement. The chain adopts imported ones, which can ensure the operation accuracy of automatic die cutting machine.

  • High quality pneumatic clutch

    High-quality pneumatic clutch with long service life, low noise, stable braking, quick clutch, and large transmission power, which can make the performance of cardboard box die cutting machine more stable and durable.

Automatic Die-Cutting Machine
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