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Growing Film Lamination Machine for Sale

This film lamination machine is made by GROWING according to the needs of the market and through the analysis of the same type of machine in the market as well as the manufacturer and printing techniques.  GROWING has been gaining great support from a large number of customers with its high-qualified products, multi-types and good service. Our sticker packaging lamination machine is popularly sold to the domestic market and overseas. We have a full-time after-sale service team, after-sale service hotline, and customer feedback information system to provide more efficient service for customers.

  • Automatic Thermal Film Laminator adopts the environmental protection laminating process. Whether it is mass production, or a small amount of film, this machine can be used easily, and it is now widely used in the market.
  • Automatic Thermal Film Laminator with Powder Removal Function adopts circling oil or (circling water) heating system. The high quality steel roller with special inner spiral design and circling oil or (circling water) heat recycling system coordinated with precise processing techniques, which can make the roller fast in temperature rising and higher heat efficiency under high speed running, which also can make a fast melting of the pre-coated glue and ensure a firm and bright film to paper lamination as well as reach energy saving and high efficiency effect.
  • Drying type Water-based and Thermal Film Laminator adopts circling oil heating system equipped with big diameter of drying roller and heat recycling system, which can enhance the heat efficiency greatly. Compared with the same type of machine in China, it can save energy up to 20%.
  • Automatic High-speed Flute Laminator has high technical content and high degree of automation. The entire production process is controlled by automation, and the operation and maintenance are very simple. It can greatly reduce the number of workers and excessive dependence on the experience of operators, and ensure the product quality stably.
Features of Film Laminator

Features of Film Laminator

1. Our professional R&D and QC team can strictly control the packing lamination machine quality to meet your requirement.

2. We have a professional sales team to provide you with quick and warm service throughout the whole process.

3. Easy to install.

4 Strict quality management system.

5. Professional services.

6. 24-hour telephone service.

7. A large stock of components and parts, easily worn parts.

8. Special cost control system ensure to provide the most favorable paper lamination machine price.

Differences between Dry Film Laminator and Wet Lamination Machine

  • DLM

    The DRY Lamination is the most common laminating process in all kinds of laminating technology. To work on various film and foil substrates, combinations such as film on film, film on foil, film on paper can be done by this process. The advantage of dry lamination includes a wide product range, high resistance to the chemical medium erosion, available for tough packaging condition requirements. The machine operation is also flexible and easy. DLM is applicable for low-yield and multiple types of product applications. If you are looking for an efficient dry lamination machine for your Film/ Foil materials, this is the model for you to customize.

  • WLM

    The WET laminator provides an effortless laminating process for various kinds of paper product applications. The available application included paper on fiber, paper on paper, paper on paper board, paper on foil. The advantage of wet Lamination is low running cost, high production capacity, and low machine investment. If you are looking for high efficiency / low investment laminator for various paper product laminating, this is the model for you to customize.

Film Lamination Machine
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