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Growing Window Patching Machine for Sale

GROWING has been specializing in manufacturing window patching machines for years and has rich management experience in design, manufacturing and after-sales, etc. Our window patcher machine has unique insights and is manufactured in batches with equipment all over the world. As one of the trustworthy window patching machine manufacturers,GROWING produces window patching machines in china that have fast speed, good quality, strong safety and extremely high-cost performance. We only offer the top-quality window patching machine for sale at reasonable prices.

  • Automatic Window Patching Machine with Crashing and V cut is a multifunction automatic window patching machine, specially for cutting and creasing on the film for different types, and pasting the film on kinds of boxes and cartons.
  • Automatic Window Patching Machine adopts new design "high speed, high efficiency". It consists of six parts : servo drive paper feeding part, clutch type push lay part, independent rotation type rubber roller part, vacuum suction belt part, independently adjustable film cutting and collecting part.
  • Automatic High-speed Window Patching Machine is available for both cardboard and corrugated paper. Adopt non-stop bottom feeder with side lay registration flexible version module of glue print stable and accurate diaphragm incision and cross-cutting cropped to achieve tissue boxes gift boxes toy boxes shirt boxes milk cartons and other window film lamination.

Features of Window Patching Machine

Features of Window Patching Machine

GROWING window patching machine has a reasonable design, stable quality, and is simply operated and easy to learn.

It is one of the most advanced window pasting machines in China at present.

The perfect humanized design concept makes this window patching machine with the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high stability.

This window patcher machine is suitable for paper jam and corrugated paper. The paper pile is separated by a single sheet in the way of the bottom drawing without stopping the machine to feed the paper.

Window Patching Machine
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