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Growing Flute Laminator for Sale

GEOWING has developed three flute lamination machines abiding by the concept of intellectualization, digitization, fully automation, energy-saving and environment friendly. Our machine has become hot sales in China and overseas. It effectively pushes the carton and print industry intellectual development and pushes many enterprises to successfully upgrade and transform themselves.

  • Automatic Flute Lamination Machine uses German advanced front lay registration technology which is accurate and stable and the corrugated paper never advance while the top paper can be adjusted within 0-25 mm for advancing.
  • Automatic High-speed Flute Lamination Machine adopts automatic glue-supply system, high-precision glue application roller & metering roller, which can apply glue to paper evenly and precisely.
  • Intelligent High-Speed Online Flute Laminator is the latest online flue laminator, which aims at the post-pressing process of graphic carton, so that to realize the automation of corrugate board lamination.

Features of Flute Laminating Machine

Features of Flute Laminating Machine

The imported front lay registration technique ensures accurate registration with corrugated paper not advancing.

The automatic feeder for the top paper makes smooth and stable paper feeding.

Data can be set according to the paper size which keeps the machine in good condition all the time.

The automatic corrugated paper feeding device uses a suction belt and the corrugated paper supporting device adopts extension types for different sizes of corrugated board.

The pressing roller adopts a double sheet anti-impact structure to avoid accidental damage.

The pre-loading device enables the next pile of paper to be stacked without stopping the production thus reducing downtime.

The electric parts are used with imported ones which make the electric control system safe and stable.

Using a PLC servo motor touch screen is convenient to operate.

Using an automatic glueing system to improve the level of automation.

Using frequency converter to realize step-less speed change.

Function of Flute Laminator Machine

  • High Precision

    Using German advanced front lay registration technology, which is accurate and stable. The corrugated paper never advances while the top paper can be adjusted within 0-25mm for advancing.

  • High Efficiency

    Simple and easy feeding enables easy and free operation for top paper and corrugated board which enhances production efficiency and reduces labour intensity.

  • Wide Application Range

    Used for the card to ABCDF flute corrugated paper lamination.

  • Low Fault

    Scientific and reasonable mechanical structure cooperated with imported high quality electric automatic control system ensures the machine runs at low fault. It affects a permanent cure for users' troubles back at home.

Flute Lamination Machine
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