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Correct Use of Flute Laminator

The automatic flute laminator has high mechanical precision, which is a reliable guarantee for production efficiency and quality. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of the machine, which is an important part of preventing abnormal wear and damage of the machine. After purchasing a new machine, if the factory’s own technical conditions make it impossible to train production operators on its own, it should ask the equipment supplier to send technicians to train the equipment operators to ensure that the machine can be used correctly and function normally after purchasing. During the running-in period of the equipment, the production speed of the machine should not be set too fast, and it should generally be controlled at about 3000 sheets/hour. During the trial production of the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the machine is in normal condition by means of "viewing, smelling, touching" and other methods.

Viewing, is to pay attention to seeing whether the working state and action of the relevant parts of the machine are abnormal;

Smelling, is to pay attention to listening to the machine to see if there is any abnormal sound;

Touching, that is, when the machine is just running for a period of time, stop to touch some rotating shafts, gears and other rotating parts of the machine if necessary, to see whether there is a significant temperature rise and an abnormally hot feeling.

If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the problem should be dealt with in time. During the use of the flute laminator, it must be operated strictly according to the requirements of the equipment manual, and the lubrication and regular maintenance of the machine must be done well. This is an effective guarantee to ensure that the equipment maintains good precision and improves production efficiency and quality.

As an important supporting equipment for the production of pre-printed cartons, the flute laminator is one of the production factors that cannot be ignored in the production and processing of the cartons. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a thorough understanding of the market dynamics of the flute laminator, and according to the actual situation of the factory and the characteristics of the products, reasonably select machines that are suitable for actual production, and achieve correct use and maintenance. Then we can make the purchased equipment play the best role in improving production efficiency and product quality.