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Common Problems and Solutions of Paper Bag Machine

The paper bag machine is ideal equipment for the production of handbags and shopping bags by automatically sucking, gluing, forming, creasing, pasting, and outputting the printed sheet or laminating paper according to the required size. Of course, various problems will also be encountered in the production process of the paper bag machine, which needs to be checked and maintained in time. Below, Guangzhou Growing Mechanical Information Technology Co., Ltd will share with you the common problems and solutions of paper bag machines.

Ⅰ. The cold cutting knife of the flat-mouth machine can't cut

(1) The knife is not good, so it needs to be sharpened again.

(2) The blade slider is worn and has a gap after long use, resulting in the imbalance of the knife. Need to adjust the balance of the upper and lower knife.

Ⅱ. If the flat machine cuts three or more strips, the bag size will be uneven

Put a layer on the rubber roller after the film. This will balance out with the rest of the ingredients.

Ⅲ. The effect of the edge sealing of the paper bag machine is different on both sides

It is necessary to adjust the aluminum press roller to press both sides of the edge, otherwise the above situation will occur.

Ⅳ. Self-adhesive strip often stick to the conveyor belt.

The self-adhesive strip is misplaced and stuck to the conveyor belt. It is necessary to adjust the self-adhesive position of the edge rectifying machine behind and place the electric eye for edge rectifying at the self-adhesive position. Prevent running out of position.

Ⅴ. The finished product will appear different length.

The pressure spring is not pressed, resulting in cots slipping, or the plywood behind the clamp is too tight. Need to debug to fit.

Ⅵ. Block material appears in front of cold cutting knife.

The bag is too strong, and the solution is to use a rubber band to attach a small piece of paper to the screws on the knife beam. Cut out the bag, at the same time the bag stuck down.

Ⅶ. Printing bag feeding is not smooth, and electric eye is not sensitive enough.

In general, if the bag is monochrome, and blue is used, and if the bag is heavy, and red is used, red can be used in monochrome and heavy colors. The roller under the electric eye of the edge correcting machine should spray black. If the bag is single and heavy, white is required.