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High Precision Crosscutting Machine Allows You to Cut Without Limit

The cross cutting machine is mainly used in the paper-cutting industry. It cuts the roll paper into the paper of the size required by the customer, which belongs to the category of the paper cutter. Paper cutters can be divided into household paper cutters and industrial paper cutters according to their uses. According to their control methods, they can be divided into the mechanical paper cutter, hydraulic paper cutter, digital display paper cutter and program-controlled paper cutter. Hob cross cutting machine is a kind of program-controlled paper cutting machine.

1. About cross cutting machine

Cross cutting machine is a device that cross-cuts rolls of whiteboard paper, gold and silver cardboard, etc. to fixed lengths. The market mainly adopts the method of straight knife cross cutting, but the efficiency is low, which is at most 120 meters per minute. Coupled with the recent rectification of the paper industry by the state, some small-scale paper manufacturers with high energy consumption may be eliminated. The hob cross-cutting adopts the hob rotation to continuously cut the paper and the efficiency is greatly improved. With the improvement of mechanical structure and the application of servo, the precision of paper cutting is close to the effect of the straight knife. Therefore, the demand for hob cross-cutting machines on the client-side will increase.

2. Precautions after the work on the cross cutting machine is done

When the work of the cross cutting machine is completed, clean up the dust and paper scraps on the equipment in time, check the cutter and the grinding wheel, drain the water in the oil-water separator and the gas storage tank, and check whether there is any abnormality in the running part. Then, cut off the power supply according to the operation requirements of the manual and maintain the computer operating system.

The cross cutting machine should be well maintained. First of all, the daily maintenance should be in place. The principle is that lubrication, cleaning and cleaning (no dust and debris) are in place to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are in good condition.

The second point is maintenance work. Regular and irregular inspections should be carried out on the rotating parts (especially real-time monitoring of wearing parts). Implement regular adjustment, regular replacement and make detailed records to achieve the purpose of extending the service life of the equipment. The electrical parts should be cleaned and inspected regularly to eliminate hidden dangers in time.

Use high-quality slitting and cross-cutting knives. Improve the technical quality and level of operators. Special personnel should be responsible for the operation of the control part, and no one is allowed to operate it without permission.

3. High-precision cross cutting machine allows you to cut without limit

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for product packaging are also getting higher and higher. Products with beautiful packaging are more attractive to consumers. The cross cutting machine is a mechanical equipment used to cut the finished cardboard. Its technical performance and equipment adjustment directly affect whether the cutting size of the finished cardboard is accurate, whether the pressure line is broken and whether the appearance of the incision is smooth and beautiful. The cross cutting machine also directly determines the quality of product packaging. The high-precision cross cutting machine is also the prerequisite equipment for the beautiful outer packaging of the product. Having a high-precision cross cutting machine will help the business.