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Introduction to Common Types of ​the Film Lamination Machine

There are two types of film lamination machines: the coating-type film lamination machine and the pre-coating-type film lamination machine. They are special equipment used for paper and film. The coating-type laminate machine consists of three parts: gluing, drying, and hot pressing. It has a wide range of applications, stable and reliable processing performance, and is widely used in the laminating industry. The pre-coating-type film lamination machine has no gluing and drying parts, has a small size, low cost, flexible operation, and is suitable for laminating large quantities of printed products as well as small batches and scattered printed products such as automated desktop office systems, and has great development potential.

Coating-type film lamination machine

This type of equipment includes gluing, drying, and hot pressing. The operation requirements are high and the advantages are reliable product quality. However, when using oil-based glue, it may produce harmful gases that affect human health, so this technology has been completely banned in some countries. Water-based glue is more environmentally friendly but relatively higher in cost. The range of application includes laminating color printing, packaging paper, flexible films, and soft rubber plates to make the surface glossy, colorful, and waterproof.

Pre-coating-type film lamination machine

This type of machine laminates in one step. The glue has already been applied to the consumables, and when laminating, the glue is melted by heating and then pressed onto the printed product. This film lamination machine is cheap, easy to operate, and does not produce harmful gases during operation. It is a trend in laminating technology. In today's society that pays increasing attention to environmental protection, it is believed that this technology will one day replace the coating-type film lamination machine and become the main laminating technology in the printing industry. Its disadvantage is that this technology is not yet mature, and there are still some issues to be solved, such as curling of single-sided laminating (there are machines with anti-curling function, but the price is higher) and difficulty in laminating prints with silicon oil. It is widely used in short-run printing and digital quick printing industries.

Cold film lamination machine

A cold laminating machine is a film lamination machine that operates at room temperature without heating. The film with adhesive is directly pressed onto the printed product with pressure. This machine is cheap and widely used in industries such as plate materials (aluminum, iron, rubber, wood, steel, glass, etc.), decoration, and hardware.

Small film lamination machine

This is a simple and practical professional film lamination machine, which can also be used as a sealing machine, a cold laminating machine, and a PVC hot bonding machine. Strictly speaking, this type of film lamination machine is also upgraded and transformed from an inner heat sealing machine. However, this type of film lamination machine solves the fundamental problem of the first type of film lamination machine. The price of this film lamination machine is around 1400-1500 yuan. Due to the use of an inner heat roller to press the film, the film is fed from top and bottom, which increases the heating time of the pre-coating film and heat balance, resulting in smooth, bright, and high-end laminating quality comparable to that of high-end film lamination machines.