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The Difference Between Platen Die-cutting Machine and Nest Die-cutting Machine

With the development of the die-cutting industry becoming more and more mature, for the related equipment in the die-cutting industry, it is no longer a traditional single die-cutting machine operation that can complete the die-cutting processing tasks. So far, there are more than a dozen related die-cutting industry equipment on the market, of which Platen die-cutting machine and nest die-cutting machine are the two most common equipment in daily life, but many people will confuse them. The following will take you to see the difference between the two.

Platen die-cutting machine, also known as ordinary die-cutting machine. According to the different working methods, it is divided into a single-seat Platen die-cutting machine and a double-seat flat-bed die-cutting machine. Products that can only be punched and shaped once, and can be composite punched, half-cut and full-cut with two layers of material at most. The pressure regulation method is manual pressure regulation, with scale display, but the adjustment is cumbersome, and the automation is relatively low.

1. Features of platen die cutting machine

(1) It can be used independently, and the waste discharge function can be attached to the front and back many times.

(2) The main machine of the Platen die-cutting machine adopts the design of automatic oil supply and recovery, and there is no obvious oil accumulation in the machine body, so as to ensure that the dust-free workshop will not be polluted by oil leakage.

(3) The real-time mechanical error correction positioning can make up for the accumulated error between the private server systems, and ensure the accurate and stable long-term work of multiple laminations, multiple die-cuts, and long-term work.

(4) It can be used in combination with multiple single-seat or double-seat die-cutting machines.

(5) Die-cut products can be grouped, and slices can be shipped regularly.

(6) The equipment can add and use auxiliary tracking electric eyes for electric eye tracking and die-cutting.

2. The difference between a platen die-cutting machine and a sleeve die-cutting machine

The nesting die-cutting machine in the industrial die-cutting machine generally refers to the die-cutting machine used for punching and positioning, which we call the nesting die-cutting machine. The structure of the sleeve die-cutting machine is roughly the same as that of the platen die-cutting machine. The difference lies in the addition of the sleeve position lifting rod to ensure the position registration and composite die cutting of the multi-layer structure die-cutting part during the actual die-cutting process. Its characteristic is that the matching mold must have pinholes with yin and yang structure.

Sleeve die-cutting machine does not have all the functions of lamination, waste discharge, retraction, and slicing of platen die-cutting machines. It needs to be equipped with the functions of lamination, waste discharge, retraction and slice.