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How Much Do You Know About the Folder Gluer Machine?

The folder gluer machine is used for various types of printing and packaging paper boxes, medicine, food, cosmetics and other packaging products. Its alias is box-folder gluer machine or box-making machine. Its advantages include simple structure, easy operation, and quick onboarding by general workers for production. The appearance is novel and beautiful, the structure is precise, the equipment is stable, and the whole machine is sturdy. The production efficiency is many times higher than the traditional production process.

The folder gluer machine ensures the excellent characteristics of high-end gift boxes with strong support and high accuracy

The folder gluer machine can save 3-4 workers in the scraping paper box process. The parts of the folder gluer machine are divided into paper feeding section, pre-folding section, bottom hooking section, forming section, and box pressing section. The internal lining plate support, shaft, and rodbar of the folder gluer machine should be cleaned regularly. The mechanical belt should be wiped with clean water to keep it clean. The machine should run slowly before starting. Check whether there are any abnormal conditions in the machine. In the packaging and printing industry, the folder gluer machine is one of the important post-press processing equipment.

Introduction to safe operation of the folder gluer machine

Before operating the folder gluer machine, preparations must be made, such as receiving the construction plan, confirming the semi-finished product, and stacking it correctly and neatly. Test the belt and other components of the machine at a slow speed to see if they are operating normally. Adjust the amount of glue according to the width of the paper. Before operation, the plate-making work should be done according to the product requirements. If there is a problem with the indentation line, stop the machine and contact the relevant department. Check whether the machine parts and safety protection devices are abnormal.

The interface position of the folder gluer machine must be aligned. If the inner and outer travel positions are not good, it will seriously affect the quality of the box. Therefore, the positioning of the inner and outer travel positions should be done before operation. During high-speed operation, the pasting, folding, and paper box work should be completed while coordinating and cooperating with each other precisely, and the actions should be coherent and consistent. The automatic folder gluer machine has a relatively long machine table, so the working hours need to be coordinated before and after to prevent accidents.

The key points to be aware of when selecting a folder gluer machine

Choosing a suitable folder gluer machine is a reliable guarantee to improve production efficiency and quality. Therefore, the selection of the folder gluer machine must be comprehensively weighed in accordance with the product structure and characteristics, and the factory conditions should be reasonably grasped. The purchase of the folder gluer machine should consider its applicability and economy, as well as the reliability of its performance and stability of quality. The requirement for equipment advancedness in factory production development should be considered, and reasonable procurement should be made according to the characteristics of the product volume and structure in the local area. Generally, for small and medium-sized printing and carton factories with relatively small business volume, semi-automatic folder gluer machines of ordinary and popular types should be used for production mainly. If the product level and quantity of the factory are high, fully automatic folder gluer machines can be considered for production. When purchasing, a comprehensive market survey should be conducted first. You can participate in equipment exhibitions, visit other carton factories, and learn about product information of folder gluer machines through industry media through multiple channels to understand the production capacity and product quality status of manufacturers. This ensures that the folder gluer machine purchased is suitable for the production characteristics of the factory, so that the folder gluer machine purchased by the manufacturer can play its due role in improving production and quality.