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Definition and Working Principle of Automatic Die Cutting Machine

The automatic die-cutting machine is mainly used for die-cutting (full cut, half cut), indentation and bronzing operations, paste It is an important equipment for post-press packaging processing and forming.

The working principle of the automatic die-cutting machine is to use a steel knife, a metal mold, a steel wire (or a template carved from a steel plate), and apply a certain pressure through the embossing plate to roll the printed product or cardboard into a certain shape. If the entire printed product is pressed into a single graphic product, it is called die-cutting; if a steel wire is used to press marks on the printed product or leave a bent groove mark, it is called an indentation; Heating to a certain temperature, hot stamping a pattern or font with a three-dimensional effect on the surface of the printed product is called bronzing; if one substrate is used on another substrate, it is called lamination; excluding the rest except the genuine product is called bronzing. In order to discharge waste; the above can be collectively referred to as die-cutting technology.

The die-cutting process is the most commonly used process for packaging printed products, that is, a die-cutting knife is used to form a die-cutting plate according to the pattern required by the product design. The forming process of the incision. The indentation process is to use a crimping knife or a crimping die to press out the line marks on the sheet through the action of pressure, or use a rolling wheel to bend the sheet at a predetermined position. Usually, the die-cutting and indentation process is a process of combining a die-cutting knife and a crimping knife in the same template, and simultaneously performing die-cutting and indentation processing on an automatic die-cutting machine , which is referred to as die-cutting for short. Process introduction The main process of die-cutting and indentation is: printing plate → adjusting pressure → determining rules → pasting base materials and accessories → trial pressure die-cutting → formal die-cutting and indentation → cleaning waste → finished product winding or cutting into sheets → number of points packaging.

According to the different stamping forms, automatic die-cutting machines are mainly divided into three types: round pressing, round pressing and flat pressing. According to the form of template placement, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. In terms of function, in addition to die cutting, there is also a hot stamping function, which is called a hot stamping die cutting machine, and some have an automatic waste removal function, which is called a waste removal die cutting machine.