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Introduction to the Principle and Characteristics of Automatic Punching Machine

Working principle of the automatic punching machine

Automatic punching machine system captures and analyzes sampling graphics within the visual range of the camera through a computer, controls the displacement of the transmission components, and punches the hole with pneumatic components, achieving the customer's requirements for fast positioning hole punching, high precision, and easy operation.

A punching machine is a common name for target hole processing equipment. Target holes were first seen in the PCB multilayer circuit board lamination process. In recent years, for the positioning holes that need to be processed, everyone calls them target holes. As the processing accuracy of the target hole directly affects the product accuracy, and the punching machine can stabilize the processing accuracy of the positioning hole within the range of 0.008mm relying on positioning vision scanning and computer-controlled automatic alignment system, more and more companies have introduced punching machines as special equipment for positioning hole processing, replacing traditional manual drilling. This greatly improves product quality, reduces waste rates, and improves the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, which is a secret weapon that many companies keep secret.

The punching machine can be divided into manual punching machine, automatic positioning/alignment punching machine, full automatic punching machine, and super full automatic punching machine according to the degree of automation. According to the different processing objects, it can be divided into soft board punching machine and thin film switch punching machine, which are used for punching positioning holes in flexible circuit boards, circuit boards, printed boards, film boards, thin film switches, nameplates, etc.

Requirements for graphic recognition of the automatic punching machine

For high-precision positioning punching, clear graphics with uniform circles are required. For graphics with defects, high light occlusion, or insufficient clarity of printing, automatic sampling punching can be achieved through software recognition and repair or selection of light sources.

Characteristics of the automatic punching machine

High precision

Within the recognition range, the camera automatically captures the image, and the computer analyzes and controls the movement, accurately punching with a deviation of less than 0.008mm. There is no accuracy in manual positioning punching, and there will be too many burrs.

Fast speed

The camera has a short reaction time, and can control the position of the graphic and punch. The average punching time is 0.3 seconds/hole, which is more than 5 times faster than manual positioning punching.

Powerful function

The sampling image can be saved and directly called for reuse. The computer system and software can be upgraded in real time.

Quality assurance

Major components such as pressure regulating valves, cylinders, solenoid valves, and rails are imported to ensure their service life.

Easy operation

The human-machine interface allows the user to set the working mode directly on the touch screen, and it is easy to learn.

High recognition rate

Special light sources can automatically recognize the positioning hole map of materials with high reflectivity, high blackness, transparency, opacity, etc. The automatic punching machine can automatically compensate for defective graphics.