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How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Automatic Die-Cutting Machines?

Automatic die-cutting machines are expensive, but they cannot unilaterally represent that production efficiency can also be higher than that of manual die-cutting machines (such as die-cutting some puzzles or non-paper products). The efficiency of automatic die-cutting machines mainly depends on what products are die-cut, or long or short versions. Orders with larger quantities are more suitable for automatic die-cutting machine production. Today, let's briefly talk about how automatic die-cutting machines can improve production efficiency.

Methods to improve production efficiency of automatic die-cutting machines

  • Arrange orders with large quantities for production on automatic die-cutting machines.

  • During production, the machine operator, machine supervisor, and assistant should cooperate with each other to shorten the time for knife calibration.

  • For old products that are often die-cut, the bottom paper can be saved for the next use. Using saved bottom paper can save 20% of the time for calibration.

  • Try to minimize downtime during operation and choose not to stop the machine when changing the paper feed station.

  • When die-cutting corrugated paper, the machine operator and assistant should cooperate to shorten the downtime when changing the plates before and after die-cutting.

  • Prepare a manual hydraulic forklift one minute in advance when changing plates to avoid wasting time looking for the forklift.

  • When the product quality is not affected, the speed of the industrial die-cutting machine should be increased as much as possible.

By doing the above points well, I believe that the efficiency of the automatic die-cutting machine will be improved.

Skills that automatic die-cutting machine operators should possess

  • Familiar with the performance of the die-cutting machine and proficiently operate the machine to complete the production tasks and production indicators assigned by the company. The work should be meticulous and responsible, with no less than three years of work experience in the printing and packaging industry.

  • Before starting the machine, carefully check and correct the cutting plate, and complete the verification of the die-cutting plate and paper. Before production, the first piece of the product should be signed, and the operator is fully responsible for any quality issues that arise during the production process if the first sample is not completed

  • During operation, adjust the pressure to avoid damaging the knives. During die-cutting, pay attention to not having fuzz, cracks, broken skin, and too light pressure on multiple die-cut pieces, which can cause trouble for subsequent processes.

  • During production, regularly inspect the products, with no less than 500 sheets inspected once, to avoid the above mentioned problems. Keep good production records and fill in the production order quantity data truthfully and reliably.

  • Maintain a clean and orderly work environment on-site (the machine must be clean, and the work area must be neat and orderly), and regularly maintain the industrial die-cutting machine, requiring machine repair needs to be submitted in writing.