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What Are the Quality Requirements of Folder Gluer Machine?

1. The folder gluer machine needs to be used and maintained correctly

Whether the folder gluer machine can play a normal and due role after purchase depends mainly on the correct use and maintenance. The folder gluer machine seems to be mechanically simple and easy to operate, but the correct use and maintenance cannot be ignored. Folder gluer machine manufacturers pay special attention to the processing requirements of customers for complex box shapes. Therefore, imported folder gluer machines can adapt to more diverse box shapes, such as hexagonal boxes, octagonal boxes and special-shaped boxes.

2. Quality requirements of the folder gluer machine

The quality requirements of the folder gluer machine mainly include accurate bonding and alignment, no skew, firm bonding, no degumming, no inner and outer overlapping, no scratches on the printed surface, or obvious scratches and contamination. And the box is easy to open without exploding lines or angles.

(1) The interface position of the folder gluer machine should be aligned. In particular, the boxes whose patterns have docking requirements should be paid more attention to, otherwise, the appearance of the box will be affected. The height of some cartons is smaller than their width and length (flat type) and it is easy to make paper skew when gluing, which makes the overlap alignment inaccurate.

(2) The bonding is firm without degumming. About 12 hours after bonding,when the glue is completely dry, tear off the edge of the sticky paper and one side of the paper can be removed.(Generally, the fiber on the back of the paper is torn off, commonly known as broken skin) That shows it is qualified, otherwise it proves that the bonding is not strong. Nowadays, many printed surfaces have undergone surface treatments such as varnishing, calendering, UV varnish, laminating, etc. If sufficient attention is not paid to this or special treatment is not carried out when gluing the box, it is very easy to cause poor adhesion, degumming, etc.

(3) Inner lamination and outer lamination. Inner lamination means that when the box is pasted, the glue overflows from the edge of the paper inside the box, which will cause the inner surface of the box to be stuck and make the box difficult or impossible to open at all. Outer lamination means that when the box is pasted, the glue overflows from the outer edge of the box, which will cause the box to stick to the box and leave glue marks on the box surface after separation. When the outer lamination is serious, the separation will tear the printed surface. Therefore, both inner lamination and outer lamination will have a serious impact on the quality of the box. If it is sent to the customer, it will add a lot of trouble to the customer's use. Especially if it cannot be used on the automatic packaging machine at all, it will inevitably cause returns and it is extremely difficult to rework. This brings great losses to the enterprise.

(4) The automatic folder gluer machine scratches the printed surface or leaves scratches and dirt. During automatic gluing, due to mechanical friction, it is easy to scratch the ink layer on the surface of the box and leave scratches on the surface of the box. Sometimes the ink is dragged to the blank space to cause contamination. Some products are printed on both sides. When gluing the box, it is very easy to drag the ink on the reverse side to the front side of the box to cause contamination. In serious cases, the product can only be scrapped.