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The Application of Folder Gluer Machine is the Last Process of Packaging Box Processing

Due to the increasing requirements of modern high-end products, it is no longer the original simple paper, but many new plastic materials such as coated paper, glazing paper, coated paper, aluminized paper, PP, PET, etc. The box packaging process presents new challenges. The working principle of the automatic folder-gluer is that after the power is turned on, the whole conveyor belt starts to move, and the die-cut semi-finished carton is placed in the paper feeding position of the folder-gluer, and the single box is automatically moved by the conveyor belt according to the setting of the paper stop head frame. A good paper feeder is sent to the middle section of the belt (if the semi-finished carton has been treated with film or glazing, after entering the middle section, to deal with the carton, the glue gun can be used to apply glue on the inner edge at the same time) The conveyor belt transports the carton to the back-gluing part for pressure packaging.

1. Safe operation of folder gluer

(1) The preparation before the operation of the folder gluer is to check whether the work clothes are clean and tidy. It is strictly forbidden to wear rings, watches, and ties. Check the performance of the equipment, check the amount of glue on the machine, and there are no sundries on the conveyor belt. Arrange the products according to the production list , Inspection, to prevent defective products from flowing into this procedure.

(2) When starting up, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the transmission chain and sliding surface of the automatic folder-gluer, and check the connecting bolts of each component to ensure a good connection.

(3) Adjust the slope and height of the bracket in the box-to-be-glued area so that the products to be glued can move forward smoothly without any fetters, and adjust the auxiliary guide rails and flow wheels after pressing. Make its size suitable for the specifications of the color box to be pasted.

The operation process of the folder gluer seems simple, but it is actually not simple. In high-speed operation, to complete the work of pasting and folding cartons, the various parts need to be precisely coordinated and coordinated, and the actions must be consistent.

2. Adhesive type of folder gluer

There are two main types of adhesives used in folder gluers, one is the adhesive that can be used for spray gun spraying, and the other is the adhesive that can be used for wheel coating. The adhesive sprayed by the spray gun requires the adhesive to have a moderate viscosity. If the viscosity is too high, it will be difficult to spray the spray gun; if the viscosity is too small, the adhesive will easily splash. Roller coating requires the viscosity of the adhesive to be higher, otherwise it will easily lead to uneven coating or no glue coating.

In the packaging and printing industry, the application of the folder-gluer is the last process of packaging box processing. It is to fold the printed and die-cut cardboard into shape and glue it. The machine-glued box replaces the manual box-gluing method, reducing labor costs and improved efficiency. The adhesive used in the folder gluer is required to be able to adapt to the in-line production, to penetrate quickly after pasting the box, and to produce initial adhesion. If a non-permeable adhesive is used, its bonding effect with the substrate will be poor; if a permeable adhesive is used, its bonding effect with the substrate will be better. In order to make the bonding effect between the adhesive and the substrate better, it is possible to make dotted and half-piercing lines at the living position to enhance the bonding fastness.