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The Four Major Design Requirements of a Fully Automatic Punching Machine

Automatic punching machine is a device used to control the processing of bearing cage punching holes. It consists of two parts: punching mold (connected with punch press) and electronic control system. The control system is composed of five parts: microcomputer control part, photoelectric input circuit, electromagnetic control circuit, display circuit, and stepping motor drive circuit. Automatic punching machine is a popular device in many processing factories. So, what are its design requirements? Next, automatic punching machine manufacturers will explain the four design requirements of automatic punching machine.

The space requirement of automatic punching machine

Automatic punching machine can process multiple surfaces after installing the workpiece, so it is required that the fixture can meet the possibility of all cutting tools approaching all the surfaces to be processed in space. In addition, the supporting fixture plate has actions such as movement, lifting, sinking and rotation, so the fixture should not interfere with the machine tool at all.

The requirement for rapid readjustment of automatic punching machine

Numerically controlled machining can change processing objects by quickly changing the processing program. To reduce the auxiliary time of changing tooling and waiting for expensive equipment to be idle, it is required that the fixture has the function of rapid readjustment or replacement of positioning and clamping elements when changing machining workpieces. In addition, due to the multi-surface machining in numerical control machining, if the fixture is designed to be able to replace workpieces outside the working area of the machine tool, it can improve production efficiency.

The positioning requirement of automatic punching machine

The workpiece in the fixture should be completely positioned, and the base liquid of the workpiece should have a strict and determined position relative to the machine tool origin to meet the requirements of relative motion between the workpiece and the tool in the machine tool coordinate system. At the same time, the fixture on the machine tool should also be completely positioned. Each positioning surface on the fixture should have precise coordinate dimensions relative to the machine tool origin to meet the requirements of positioning and installation in numerical control machining.

The precision requirement of automatic punching machine

Due to the characteristic of automatic punching machine that can continuously process multiple surfaces automatically, the requirement for the precision and rigidity of the punching machine fixture is higher than that of the general machine tool fixture. This can reduce the positioning error, clamping error and deformation error of the workpiece in the fixture during rough machining.

With the continuous development of science and technology, automatic punching machines have become prevalent in various processing industries. They can not only meet the user's high-speed machining operations but also make the entire machining process intelligent and automated. High-quality automatic punching machines are convenient, time-saving, and quick processing tools, which are favored by various enterprises because they can meet the user's operational requirements.

If enterprises want to better complete the machining operation and meet different quality requirements, they need to choose high-quality and reliable automatic punching machine to have more complete quality. Not only can this meet the user's demand for automated, convenient, and time-saving operation, but also the well-reputed automatic punching machine can meet the high-quality and large-scale processing needs of different industries, allowing enterprises to rely on automatic punching machines to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.