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How to Solve the Problem of Automatic Box Gluing When Using a Folder Gluer Machine?

The solution to the automatic folder gluer machine opening glue during box pasting

When pasting boxes, it is necessary to fully consider the opening time of the glue in order to adjust the speed of the folder gluer machine, ensuring that the two bonding surfaces of the corrugated carton are firmly bonded together within the opening time of the glue. Automatic folder gluer machine manufacturers tell you that if the opening time of the glue is exceeded and the two bonding surfaces of the corrugated carton are also moved, it will damage the original bonding surface processing; it is necessary to apply glue to the bonding surface again from scratch, otherwise it will result in the appearance of glue opening or false bonding. In addition, the duration of the corrugated carton's fixed pressing after box pasting should be determined according to the opening time and curing time of the glue.

Before putting the carton on the machine, for the bonding parts of the corrugated carton that cannot be polished or plasma-treated, it is necessary to consider leaving the printed ink and surface treatment layer (UV oil, etc.) of the part blank. In the process of making die-cutting plates, corresponding dotted or flower knives for partial cutting should be added in the appropriate position. This is beneficial to the penetration of the glue and to make the two bonding surfaces of the corrugated carton firmly bonded together, not easy to open the glue, ensuring stable bonding.

After the operation of the folder gluer machine is completed, it is necessary to decide the storage of the finished product after box pasting according to the complete curing time of the glue. The just pasted corrugated carton product should be placed in the box pasting workshop until the glue is completely cured, and it cannot be immediately transferred to a place where the outdoor temperature is too high or too low to prevent the uncompletely cured glue from melting at high temperatures or freezing at low temperatures, resulting in the opening of the corrugated carton.

The adjustment steps of the folder gluer machine

  • Carefully check the work order and sample, and determine the adhesive used for box pasting and prepare it.

  • Adjust the width of the shield to be pasted, with both sides parallel and the side shield less than 1mm from the carton when the unfinished carton product to be produced is just placed down, and then adjust the limiting bolt to ensure that each unfinished product can pass smoothly without any hindrance.

  • Adjust the slope and height of the support frame in the waiting box area so that the products can move forward smoothly without hindrance, and then adjust the auxiliary guide rail and flow wheel according to the size of the waiting carton.

  • Adjust the box pasting belt and box pasting guide rail of the automatic folder gluer machine, and then adjust the main machine and wheel pressure of the folder gluer machine as well as the coordination of the belt.

  • Adjust the outer glue cylinder and check whether the glue in the glue cylinder is sufficient. The amount of glue should be about 80% of the glue wheel. Then adjust the glue cylinder and the glue position.

  • Turn on the power switch, the main motor switch, and the vibration switch, and run and debug the machine after adjusting the automatic folder gluer machine. Check whether the performance of the machine is abnormal. If there is any skew, it should be corrected immediately.

  • After debugging, try the machine with 5-10 sheets, confirm the position and forming specifications, and adjust the machine speed.

  • When pasting boxes, pay attention to the paper feeding state. The box cannot exceed the line, go off the line, or be misplaced, in order to avoid affecting the appearance and forming effect of the carton.

  • First, strictly follow the method of executing the first-piece sign-off form.

  • After production, clean up the machine and keep it clean.