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Six Key Points for Selecting Die-Cutting Equipment

Understanding and knowing the equipment of die-cutting machine

The die-cutting production process is widely used in the shaping and processing of packaging and decorative products such as cartons, boxes, bags, book covers, plastics, leather products, and other packaging products. In fact, a considerable part of die-cutting products also includes the embossing production process. Therefore, people habitually refer to the die-cutting process and the embossing process as the die-cutting process. Due to the different structures and characteristics of various products, the die-cutting machines used in production should also have various structures and forms.

Looking at the die-cutting production equipment, there are many different forms and structures, such as vertical flat-pressure-flat-structure machines, horizontal automatic flat-pressure-flat-structure machines; round-pressure-flat-structure die-cutting machines, and round-pressure-round-structure die-cutting machines; die-cutting machines suitable for flat paper, as well as models that can perform die-cutting on roll paper; multi-function online machines that can perform electro-aluminum stamping and die-cutting; machines that are connected to corrugated board printing machines for creasing, slotting, and cutting, as well as printing and die-cutting machines that are connected to relief, flexo, gravure, and offset printing machines, etc., to meet the needs of various products to improve production efficiency and quality.

Features of vertical flat-pressure die-cutting machine

The die-cutting plate of the vertical flat-pressure die-cutting machine is fixed vertically on the frame by the plate frame, and the pressing plate completes the die-cutting work by the action of separation and compression. The machine has simple mechanical structure, easy operation, high pressure and clear embossing. The flat-pressure-flat-structure die-cutting machine is relatively labor-intensive due to the use of manual paper positioning, and the production efficiency is low, and it is only suitable for small batch production operations.

Features of horizontal flat-pressure die-cutting machine

The table of the horizontal flat-pressure die-cutting machine and the compression working surface are in a parallel state, and the lower compression mechanism completes the die-cutting work by moving upwards regularly. The machine has excellent performance and ease of operation, and a high degree of automation. Due to the short separation and compression stroke and fast speed, the machine also has an automatic waste clearing device, which can better meet the requirements of continuous automatic paper feeding and high-speed die-cutting.

Features of round-pressure-flat die-cutting machine

There are two forms of the structure of the round-pressure-flat die-cutting machine: one is to install the die-cutting plate on the plate bed, and the other is to install the arc-shaped die-cutting blade and steel wire on the drum. The compression form is opposite. However, the compression characteristics of the round-pressure-flat die-cutting machine look like "line and surface" contact, but it is actually "line and line" compression contact. Therefore, the die-cutting pressure is relatively small, but the pressure is more uniform. The round-pressure-flat die-cutting machine is divided into stop and turn, one turn, two turns, etc., and its production speed is higher than that of the vertical flat-pressure-flat die-cutting machine. The round-pressure-flat die-cutting machine is suitable for die-cutting large-area products, but when using it, it is necessary to consider setting the plate with more blade lines (vertical or horizontal) to be perpendicular to the axis of the drum for die-cutting, so as to reduce the pressure load on the plate and prevent partial die-cutting lines (in balance direction with the drum) from deforming. On the other hand, as the round-pressure-flat die-cutting machine has no waste clearing device, there are certain limitations on the applicability of product structure, and its market application is relatively small.

Features of round-pressure-round die-cutting machine

The cutting plate of the round-pressure-round die-cutting machine is installed on the drum, and the compression component is also in the shape of a drum, which is a complete "line and line" compression contact. The pressure is sufficient and uniform, and it can achieve high precision and high-speed die-cutting effect. Its production efficiency and quality are among the best in various types of automatic die-cutting machines. However, the investment cost of this production process is high, the plate-making cost is high, and the plate-making difficulty is large, so it is only suitable for relatively fixed, large-scale production of product die-cutting, in order to achieve a good balance between production cost and product quality.

Characteristics of die-cutting machines with online operation

The die-cutting machine for online operation refers to the production process in which the die-cutting machine group or device is integrated with the printing, stamping, embossing, and other production processes on the same machine, and its degree of automation and production efficiency are relatively high. The machine is mostly used for roll paper material, and the machine is divided into flat-pressure-flat type and round-pressure-round type. Choosing the die-cutting machine for online operation can reduce the intermediate links of production, shorten the production cycle of printed matter, and also reduce the consumption of raw materials. Its application value is obvious.

Only by correctly understanding the structure and performance of the die-cutting machine, and scientifically and reasonably purchasing a die-cutting machine that is suitable for the production situation of the automatic die-cutting machine manufacturer according to the factory's production characteristics, can the purchased die-cutting machine play a better role, truly achieve the goal of reducing production costs, improving enterprise economic benefits and product quality.