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Paper Bag Machine Can Greatly Improve Labor Productivity

One of the things we often see is that mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging. For example, in traditional manual candy packaging, only a dozen pieces can be packaged in one minute, but candy packaging machines can reach hundreds or even thousands of pieces per minute, improving efficiency by several times.

The paper bag machine can effectively ensure packaging quality

In terms of use, mechanical packaging can meet the requirements of packaging items according to their needs, so it can obtain uniformly sized packaging materials, which cannot be guaranteed by manual packaging. Secondly, this is particularly important for exported goods. Only mechanical packaging can achieve standardized packaging and meet the requirements of collective packaging.

The paper bag machine can perform operations that cannot be achieved manually

For some packaging operations, the use of machinery can make it more convenient for us. For example, vacuum packaging, inflation packaging, close-fitting packaging, and equal-pressure filling are operations that cannot be achieved manually and can only be realized with paper bag machines.

The sealing and cutting methods of the paper bag machine.

The first method is the fixed-length sealing and cutting of paper bags. The positioning system is a fixed-length positioning system, which only requires that the speed of the sealing and cutting motion be matched with the feeding speed to achieve the fixed-length sealing and cutting request. The other method is printing bag positioning system, which is a fixed-position tracking system that requires each sealing and cutting position to fall on a specific identification position. When performing various sealing and cutting missions, there will inevitably be a problem that the required bag length may change every time, which will inevitably affect the bag length initial value preset in the system.

Since the distance S between the photoelectric eye that checks the paper bag label and the sealing and cutting point is a fixed value, if the bag length changes, it will also inevitably affect the relationship between the feeding speed and sealing and cutting speed. Therefore, in order to realize the automation of processing positioning, it is necessary to make certain adjustments to the function between the bag length and the interval. However, it is only useful for sealing and cutting printed bags and has no meaning for sealing and cutting paper bags. In the packaging industry, composite bags used as packaging bags can be divided into two types: paper bags and printed bags (color bags).

The active positioning system of the sealing and cutting machine checks the frequency of the paper bag machine control by a photoelectric signal sensor, then compares it with the number of pulses detected by another photoelectric signal sensor, adjusts the frequency of the feeding stepper motor to achieve the speed change of its feeding, and adapts it to the sealing and cutting motion of the main motor.