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How To Reduce The Failure Rate Of Packaging Machinery?

Zero fault operation of printing equipment is believed to be the common aspiration of many practitioners in the intelligent packaging manufacturing industry. So, how to reduce the probability of failure of post-press packaging machinery? This paper mainly introduces it to you from five aspects.

1. Post-press packaging machinery has basic conditions

The so-called basic conditions refer to cleaning, refueling, fastening, etc. The failure is caused by the deterioration of post-press packaging machinery, but most of the deterioration is caused by the lack of basic condition 3 elements.

2. Restore the post-press packaging machinery to normal

Even if a piece of equipment has basic conditions and guaranteed service conditions, it is difficult to be perfect, so the equipment will deteriorate and fail. Therefore, to make the hidden deterioration obvious and restore it to its normal state means that we should often carry out correct inspection and preventive repair on the post-press packaging machinery.

3. Strictly observe the service conditions of post-press packaging machinery

The use conditions of machinery and equipment are determined at the time of design. If the equipment is used in strict accordance with the service conditions, the equipment will rarely fail. For example, voltage, speed, temperature, and installation conditions are determined according to the characteristics of post-press packaging machinery.

4. Reduce the failure rate of post-press packaging machinery needs to improve the quality of workers

All countermeasures should be implemented by workers. Workers are the most fundamental in the process of realizing zero faults. Firstly, every worker should have a serious attitude and professionalism. Secondly, they should have a correct understanding of faults. Finally, they should improve the professional skills of operation and maintenance personnel.

5. Improve the design of post-press packaging machinery

Some faults can not be eliminated even after taking the above three countermeasures. They are often caused by deficiencies or errors in the design, manufacturing, and installation of post-press packaging machinery. Such faults shall be carefully analyzed and these defects shall be improved.