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What Are the Operating Steps of the Folder Gluer Machine?

Operation steps of folder gluer machine

Firstly, turn on the power and start the folder gluer machine. Then adjust the color box model and add glue. Check whether the position and concentration of the glue are appropriate. After debugging, pay attention to controlling the speed of the machine to avoid the accumulation of color boxes at the back. Check whether the operator is dressed properly and prohibit non-related personnel to touch the switch. The folder gluer machine replaces the traditional manual operation of using scissors to trim the edged pieces after shaping. It has the advantages of being simple, time-saving, labor-saving, strong cutting force, fast speed, good trimming effect, high efficiency, and uses a transmission belt to operate, placing the cut model in the pasting paper box part, the conveyor belt automatically sets the paper blocking head, sends the pre-folded paper box into the interrupted transmission, and then goes through laminating and glazing, bottom glue, and finally sent to the back of the folder gluer for pressure packing. The folder gluer machine solves the problem of labor and time consumption in manual gluing of boxes, reduces costs, and improves productivity. A warm reminder is that in winter, low temperature will have a certain impact on the performance of glue used for folder glueres, so the temperature of the production environment should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the glue used.

Precautions for the spiral selection of fully automatic folder gluer machine

When selecting the spiral for the fully automatic folder gluer machine, consider the shape of the container, the speed of push, the spacing, and the above-mentioned issues. When processing and manufacturing, make the spiral and the container match contact. The contact surface seems to be a plane contact, but it is actually a multi-point contact. After a certain period of time, the spiral will wear and change shape, causing the container to jump and break. Therefore, you must choose materials with high wear resistance. The contact part of the spiral and the container should be below the container, with the principle of not tipping over the container.

The higher the degree of automation of the automatic folder gluer machine, the lower the dependence on operators, and it can also improve production efficiency and reduce operator's labor intensity. In terms of operability, it will become more and more humanized, reflecting the design concept of "people-oriented". Major domestic folder gluer machine suppliers have closed down.

Maintenance of folder gluer machine

The amount of glue used in the folder gluer machine is about 1/3 of that used in manual box sealing. The amount of glue used is very small, the operation is simple, the efficiency is high, and the investment cost is low. The hot melt adhesive tape is automatically transported and cut, and the four-corner sticking of the paper board inner box is completed in one time. The folder gluer machine is the last process of the packaging box. In order to reduce its replacement rate and improve its service life, the folder gluer machine should be cleaned and maintained frequently. The belt should be cleaned frequently with clean water, especially the various paper scraps and impurities generated during use should be cleaned carefully.

The folder gluer machine has a speed several times that of general manual bonding and forming, fast forming and stable quality, and is composed of paper feeding, pre-folding, hooking bottom, forming, pressing box, etc. It is widely used and occupies a large proportion in the market. The folder gluer machine solves the problem of labor and time consumption in manual gluing of boxes. A warm reminder is that it is better to drive slowly before starting and check whether there are any abnormalities with the machine before adjusting it to an appropriate speed.