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Product Features and Development Trends of Folder Gluer Machine

In the packaging printing industry, the application of folder gluer machines is the last processing step for making packaging boxes, where the printed and die-cut cardboard is folded and glued into shape. The machine replaces the manual gluing method, reduces labor costs, and improves efficiency. The folder gluer machine comprises feeding, pre-folding, bottom hooking, forming, and pressing sections.

Features of automatic folder gluer machines

  • Employing a sponge belt for bottom-feeding, combined with an elastic and vibratory knife to separate the paper blanks smoothly and accurately. The clutch controls the feeding drive system under photoelectric control to ensure paper blanks accurately enter the adhesive application section, enabling continuous feeding without halting the machine.

  • Adopting photoelectric-controlled hot-melt adhesive system that can adjust according to the size and position of the paper blank, meeting production requirements.

  • Forming system using adjustable inner and outer dies controlled by photoelectric and air cylinder, accurately completing paper molding. Inner and outer dies may be adjusted according to paper blank size to meet production demands for different box sizes.

  • The conveying section features independent speed control, which can be adjusted in real-time according to the main machine speed to ensure orderly output of finished paper boxes.

  • Motor drives are controlled by a frequency converter, which maintains speed balance and saves power.

  • Utilizing advanced timing belts and pulleys enhances accurate, smooth, and low-noise operation.

Development trends in automatic folder gluer machines

Multi-functions and mobility

Linear boxes occupy around 60% of the international market share, bottom-locking boxes account for approximately 30%, while hexagonal, octagonal, and irregularly shaped boxes make up the remaining 10%. The proportion of linear boxes is gradually decreasing, while that of irregular boxes is increasing as economic globalization accelerates and market competition intensifies. Consumers and packaging users are increasingly demanding diverse box designs to boost product added value. Advanced automatic bottom-locking style color boxes, including toy boxes, wine boxes, and medicine boxes, are also increasingly in demand. These complex box styles cannot be effectively made manually or simply by conventional folder gluer machines.

High speed and productivity

As a color box supplier, the ability to deliver instant production and supply has become a prerequisite for customers. Punctual delivery of sufficient quantities of paper boxes in the shortest time helps obtain orders. The automatic folder gluer machine must be easily adjustable, have high production speed and stability since manufacturers must always be ready for production.

Adaptation for small batch production

Currently, handcrafting is still prevalent for small batch box production in developing countries. If automatic folder gluer machines can break through in small batch production, this would boost their promotion and applications.

Increased automation

The entire printing industry is moving towards tighter delivery schedules, shorter work cycles, and more frequent job changes, necessitating the reduction of setup times. Post-printing equipment manufacturers face increasing pressure. Greater automation of folder gluer machines reduces reliance on operators, improves production efficiency, and reduces labor intensity. Operation will become increasingly user-friendly, embodying the "people-oriented" design concept.