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A method to deal with the inaccuracy of crosscutting length

       Cross cutting machine is divided into mechanical cross cutting machine and computer-controlled cross cutting machine due to different transmission control modes. The computer-controlled cross cutting machine is controlled by the industrial control computer. According to the set length, the cutter shaft is controlled to cut off the paperboard. Combined with the precise transmission of the mechanical part, the paper cutting error can be controlled within ± 1mm. Computer controlled cross cutting machine includes spiral knife cross cutting machine and straight knife cross cutting machine. The spiral knife cross cutting machine is more suitable for high-speed cutting of thick paperboard, with stable paper cutting and long blade life. Improve the technical quality and level of operators. Special personnel shall be responsible for the operation of the control part. No one shall operate without permission.


1. Check the cross cutting machine before embossing

Before starting embossing, the tightness of power switch, grinding wheel blade, protective cover or safety baffle shall be checked in detail. The operation console must be stable, and there shall be sufficient lighting for night operation. It can be started only after it is confirmed that it is safe. After the cross cutting machine operates normally, the material can be cut off. When the material is cut off by the slitting machine, one end close to the cutting machine must be clamped with a clamp, and then hold the power adding handle of the cutting machine to slowly add force downward. When the embossing machine cannot be cut initially, it will suddenly add force to avoid damaging the cutting grinding wheel and flying out of the grinding wheel to hurt people. After embossing, the gate shall be closed and the power shall be cut off, the box door shall be locked, and rain proof measures shall be taken for outdoor operation. It is not allowed to use the embossing machine to replace the grinder for grinding.


2. Do a good job in the daily maintenance of the cross cutting machine

The cross cutting machine belongs to carton processing machinery. The cross cutting machine in the corrugated board production line is the mechanical equipment for cadres to cut the finished paperboard. The technical performance and equipment adjustment of the indentation machine directly affect whether the cutting size of the finished paperboard is accurate, whether the pressing line is broken and whether the appearance of the incision is smooth and beautiful. Do a good job in maintenance. First of all, the daily maintenance shall be in place. The principle is that the lubrication, cleaning and cleaning (no dust and sundries) shall be in place to ensure that the sliding part of the cross cutting machine is in good condition. The second is maintenance. The rotating parts shall be inspected regularly and irregularly (especially the vulnerable parts shall be monitored in real time).